Fall 2016 Educational Events

Nov. – Dec. Oct. – Nov. Sept. – Oct. Title
Int’l Breakfast Brides’ Bouquet Hotel Management Course
Nov. 21st – 27th Oct. 23rd Sept. 26th Date
Modern Desserts Technical manager
“plan B”
Int’l Cuisine TAFE Australia Course
Nov. 28th – Dec. 4th Oct. 27th Oct. 20th Date
Restaurant Management Basic Fondant Icing Course
Dec. 4th – 11th Oct. 31th Date
Anti-gravity Cakes Steaks Course
Dec. 4th – 11th Nov. 11th – 18th Date
Advanced Fondant Icing Sauces Course
Dec. 14th – 21st Nov. 19th – 26th Date
Menu design Iranian and Int’l Kebab Course
Dec. 14th – 21st Nov. 19th – 26th Date

– All courses end up with credible and translatable license.

– All expenses are due by the company *But the flower decoration*.

– Courses’ registry and booking : +98- 21 – 2815 1251-3 & +98 – 21 – 2815 1164-5