Quality Policy Lines

The INSTROCT Company is found on the distinction inspired of Iranian-Islamic culture, pioneering educational, research and hospitality and tourism skills in Iran, and providing academic-research services in hospitality and tourism in short-term applied-scientific courses, with partnership of domestic and Int’l credible universities and meeting international standards.

    This Company – considering the vital dependence of service organizations’ existence on customers – has tried to gain customers’ satisfactory in conjunction with professional morality and modern-distinctive services in tourism and hospitality industry.

    The management believes quality is a comprehensive issue and all activities, resources and staff are responsible in performance development, meeting customers’ needs and services’ improvement. Realization of the mentioned ideals is due to a coherent, strong, dynamic agile and flexible organization.

      INSTROCT Company, by installing ISO 10015: 1999, has committed itself to develop human resources and educational technology and for achieving long-term goals will take the following steps:

  • Conducting scientific-applied researches
  • Improving the knowledge and creativity of the staff and empowering them
  • Training and educating human resources in specialized short-term courses
  • Academic training and educating human resources
  • Research, conduct and collecting courses’ material
  • Presence in domestic and int’l scientific seminars

     Therefore, I, relying on the opinions of colleagues, strategies, aims and duties of the organization on one side, and on the other hand, customers’ expectations, have revised the quality goals, and expect the honest and helpful personnel of company to understand and cooperate in order to realize and achieve the provisions of this statement.